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How many of these incredible people do you know?

I’m going to share the top thought leaders in the home gardening niche that really changed my life for the better and have helped me in the various plants that I grow. 

By the end of the article, you will discover that it really is quite easy to grow an edible plant with sustainable methods, or propagate succulents the easy way, or learn to to grow the best tomatoes ever!

Ready? Let’s dive in!

in my patch

Leader #1: In My Patch

Sarah is a zaney Aussie who I found accidentally on Instagram! She’s always showing short videos of her garden and the things that she grows, and the things her pug eats from the garden.  Sarah is always smiling and makes gardening look so much fun! She has also recently launched an online course titled ‘Grow Amazing Tomatoes’  You can learn more about Sarah, her pug, and her garden right here.

invincible houseplants

Leader #2: Invincible Houseplants

Houseplants are a simple, bright and healthy addition to any room in your house.

Over at Boris’ blog, Invincible Houesplants, he will give you the tips and tricks that you need to take care of all your houseplants. If you are a plant killer by nature or want to learn about indoor climbing plants, or propagation or even self-watering techniques, you’re in the right place.

Learn what it takes to be a successful and confident indoor houseplant parent.

You can learn more about Boris and his plants here.

succulents and sunshine

Leader #3: Succulents & Sunshine

Cassidy Tuttle is the owner of Succulents & Sunshine. She knows everything there is to know about succulents and should definitely be your go-to for anything succulent-related. On her website, she also offers you a FREE 5-day course teaching you how to pick the right succulents, how to care for them, and how to water them to ensure they not only survive, but thrive! You can learn more about Cassidy here.

grapes and farming at The Real Farmhouse

Leader #4: The Farmers’s Wife 

The Farmer’s Wife will tell you all about her farmhouse gardening days on their farm, and then she goes on to show and teach you various products you can make with your harvest.

And it’s the most delicious, interesting makes such as making peach syrup out of pits and skin, tips and tricks for the most incredible tomatoes, as well as growing a garden for profit.

This is all part of her daily life. She is a homeschooling mom on their farm, she talks about her religion and their family life on the farm. Besides for great gardening tips, her blog is a very interesting read for people who have always wondered what it is like to live on a farm. 

You can learn more about the Farmer’s Wife here.

chilli bush

Leader #5: The Chilli Workshop

The Chilli Workshop is a blog all about…. you guessed it… chillies! If you want to learn to grow a variety of chillies at home, germination, and tips and advice, or if you are looking for recipes for meals and sauces including chillis, you have most definitely landed in the right place. If you like your food hot and spicy, learn more here


As you can see from these great influencers, gardening does not only mean getting your hands dirty outside in the garden.  With so many gorgeous plants in the world, there is something out there that you will enjoy. If you like tomatoes, grow tomatoes. If you enjoy collecting succulents, learn more about them. Following my journey will lead you to learn how to grow your own food through sustainable methods – AND how to do it in small spaces. So if you live in an apartment or townhouse and only have a balcony or a very small garden, then I am definitely talking to you!