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Urban Gardener Was Specifically Designed for YOU (and here’s why)

What can you do when you’re locked indoors with nowhere to go during a global pandemic? Gardening! But most people think that you have to have a garden to grow a garden and don’t realise that you can grow food in a small space.
Why struggle with growing food and becoming self-sufficient when my trials and errors can help you!

With more and more apartment blocks popping up, many people don’t have the luxury of a garden. I’ve created my blog to help you grow food in a limited space. 

Let me explain the what’s, why’s, and how’s right now.

Urban Gardener Was Designed for People with Limited Space

Urban Gardener was created to show people that anyone can grow fruit, veggies and herbs in containers in a limited space.

Urban Gardener will help people who live in an apartment, an office with a balcony, college students, people looking for a hobby a s well as people with limited time.

At least once a week I have people knocking on my door asking me for food. I really want to teach people to grow their own food affordably in their own space and by using what they have.

When going on to the grocery market shelves, a lot of goodness removed from food and a lot of crap added to food to make them look better and last longer on the shelves.

Think about this – a lot of the food we grow is exported, and a lot of the food we buy is imported. What is being added to this food to make it last so long?

Do you know that herbs that are imported are radiated before going to the shelves?

This is not good for your body!

By growing your own food you will:
1. Not go hungry
2. Know exactly what fertilizers and additives are added to the soil and to your plants
3. Create a green, peaceful space
4. Learn a new skill
5. Possibly help others
6. Hopefully get a bit of a tan and a mini workout (even if it’s just your arm muscles in the container pots)!

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